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Upload a Bedrock World to Your Server - Admin - 07-21-2021

When your server is created, it is created with a fresh world. If you want to use a world that has already been played on from your single player, or realms games you can easily upload it to your server.

In order to follow this tutorial, you will need a bedrock Minecraft server, and not a Java Minecraft server.

1. Export your world through the Minecraft client so that you have a .mcworld file

2. Login to our game control panel, and turn off your server.

3. Navigate to the FileManager page using the navbar at the top, and open the worlds folder by clicking on it.

4. Delete your old world folder inside of the worlds folder, remember the name of this folder.

5. Create a new folder with the "Create Directory" button at the top right corner of the page, and name the folder the name from the previous step.

6. Enter the new directory that you created and upload the .mcworld file to the folder by dragging and dropping, or by using SFTP.

7. After uploading right click on the .mcworld file, click rename, and using the rename tool to change the .mcworld extension to .zip.

8. Right-click on the .zip file you renamed and click on the decompress button.

After following these steps you can start your server. You should now see the new world on your server. If you encounter any issues while uploading your world, please feel free to contact our team. Our