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About Staff Manager
Staff Manager is a utility plugin, adding key features for server administrators. Players can also view the list of staff members, and request help from staff.‚Äč

What can it do?

Staff List
Easy Time Control
Fly Command
Heal Command
View Player's Inventories
Message Other Players
Enable/Disable Chat
Mute Staff Join/Leave Events

[required] <optional>
/addstaff [user] - Add a user to the staff list, Permission: staffmanager.addstaff
/day - Change the time to day, Permission: staffmanager.day
/fly - Toggle flying, Permission: staffmanager.fly
/heal <username> - Heal the player, Permission: staffmanager.heal
/invsee [player] - View the inventory of the specified player, Permission: staffmanager.invsee
/msg [player] - Message the selected player, Permission: staffmanager.msg
/night - Set the time to night, Permission: staffmanager.night
/removestaff [username] - Remove the specified player from the staff list, Permission: staffmanager.remstaff
/staff - View the staff list
/togglechat - Toggle the chat, Permission: staffmanager.togglechat

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